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What is a mind map?

In the system of mind maps, developed by Buzan, all the various factors that enhance recall have been brought together in order to produce a much more effective system of note taking.

To make a mind map one starts in the center of the paper, with the mayor idea, and works outward in all directions, producing a growing and organized structure composed of key words and key images.

You can visit mind map guru Peter Russell, author of The Brain Book, at his own web site Spirit of Now. Despite the Grateful Dead flavour, you'll find a lot of useful information there.

No, you don't have to return to jotting down notes on paper. Check out the superb MindMan software by Michael Jetter. I use it all the time. It's worth every penny you pay for it.

Why don't you provide a site map or index?

My purpose with "North" is to bring something new. I want to encourage visitors to explore and make their own intuitive choices.

Are you aware that your site doesn't do much to contradict the image that not everyone in the Arctic is living in igloos?

I'm sorry, but "North" does not have any specific purpose. It's a mind journey, based on my private associations with the theme.

In addition, sites like The Arctic Circle already do a very good job covering current scientific, environmental and cultural issues.

Nevertheless, if there's something you are proud of or care about and that you wish to be featured, please let me know.

What happened to Marine Life Links?

My former website "Marine Life Links" has been discontinued.

Not all is gone: I have added material to the feature article Introducing the Hermit Crab and made it a part of this new site. Existing external links to the item will continue to work.

Any technical notes?

I maintain this site with Nick Bradbury's superb editor HomeSite. If you know your way around an HTML tag, check it out:

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As for the graphics, I'm quite addicted to Adobe's Photoshop. Besides, I use some stuff from Ulead, e.g. PhotoImpact SmartSaver.

I test with Netscape Navigator 3/4 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3/4. In general, if you've got a browser that supports tables and a monitor capable of displaying 256 colors, you shouldn't miss much.