* Fiona's Shark Mania
Fiona Webster runs the most comprehensive shark website I've seen so far. It has lots of pictures and the largest list of shark links on the Web. You will also find true (or nearly so) stories, cartoons, clip art, a mailing list, and more. Have fun!

image fossilized mako shark tooth
* The Electronic Prehistoric Shark Museum
Due to the fact that sharks have no bones, but only cartilage which tends to disintegrate before fossilizing, the only records left behind are their lovely teeth. Steven Woas is your host on this site. It offers pictures, descriptions and links to other shark related material.

image Žorskurinn
* Ice. Mar. Inst. fish database
The fish database of the Marine Institute of Iceland. To use their own words: "Here we would like to put lots of different fishes. Still it is all in icelandic."