* Hawaiian Malacological Society
The Hawaiian Malacological Society has recently launched a small but very attractive website. It offers feature articles from the current Hawaiian Shell News.

image Architeuthis dux
* Ocean Planet: In Search of Giant Squid
The Smithsonian's online version of the exhibition at the National Museum of Natural History. It makes extensive use of backgrounds, font colors, tables and JAVA applets. It is an awesome site!

* The Slug Site, home page devoted to nudibranchs
Webmaster Michael D. Miller maintains this meeting place for nudibranch enthousiasts. Check out his Nudibranch of the Week and a collection of beautiful images.

image Cover of original book (28K jpeg)
This identification guide to the nudibranch sea slugs of Great Britain and Ireland is based on the book by B.E. Picton & C.C. Morrow. It features a lot of expert information and really stunning pictures.

image Octopus vulgaris eye
* The Cephalopod Page
This site is dedicated to the class Cephalopoda: the nautilus, squids, cuttlefish, and octopuses. It was created and is maintained by James B. Wood. It's got a nice taxonomical overview with information and pictures. Lots of Cephalopod Links, too.