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Morbus Kitahara

Morbus Kitahara
"The Oranienburg Peace" is the name for the years and decades following a great European war. This name, however, doesn't mark a period of rebuilding, but one of punishment and revenge. The victors force the conquered enemies out of their ruined towns and industries, back to the fields and pastures of a long lost age.

Three people meet in Moor, a small dilapidated town at the edge of a lake, surrounded by mountains:

Ambras, the "Dog King", is a former concentration camp prisoner. Years after his liberation he gets in charge of the same stone quarry in which he has suffered during the war. Hated and feared, he lives with his half-wild dogs in the remains of Villa Flora.

Lily, the "Brazilian girl", lives solitary in the ruins of a former watering place. Sometimes she travels up the mountains to a hidden army depot and hunts down her enemies.

Bering, the "Birdman" is blacksmith of Moor. He leaves the smithy to become the driver and armed bodyguard of the Dog King. In this new life he is visited by a strange disease of the eyes: Morbus Kitahara, a progressive darkening of the sight.