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Aurora borealis

Pastel drawn by Nansen during the "Fram" expedition.
"...the aurora borealis shakes over the vault of heaven its veil of glittering silver - changing now to yellow, now to green, now to red. It spreads, it contracts again, in restless change, next it breaks into waving, many-folded bands of shining silver, over which shoot billows of glittering rays; and then the glory vanishes.

Presently it shimmers in tongues of flame over the very zenith; and then again it shoots a bright ray up from the horizon, until the whole melts away in the moonlight, and it is as though one heard the sigh of a departing spirit. Here and there are left a few waving streamers of light, vague as a foreboding - they are the dust from the aurora's glittering cloak. But now it is growing again; new lightnings shoot up; and the enless game begins afresh.

And all the time this utter stillness, impressive as the symphony of infinitude."

Fridtjof Nansen, from: "Farthest North" (1897)