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Pictures made by Nansen suggest a keen interest in whales. Some of them, showing prepared skulls and fins, clearly have a scientific purpose.

So far, I've not been able to find out if Nansen was actively involved in the catching of whales. Maybe some of the ships he travelled on, were.

Whale hunting catch (nordkaper?) on the shore. Iceland, Summer 1900.
  Captured killer whale lying on the shore, probably at the Faeroe Islands. Picture made during the famous trip to Greenland, 1888-1889.
  Killer whale
  Skull from pilot whale with the jaws opened up to show the large teeth. Another picture from the Greenland expedition.
  Whales at the Ellefsen's whale hunting station in Mjøfjord south of Seydinfjord, Iceland. A blue whale is being hauled in to be flensed. Another whale is lying further out in the fjord. In the background the naval ship "Frithjof". From a marine research cruise, 1910.
  Blue whales