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Common Loon

The common loon is the most primitive bird on the planet, almost unchanged in body plan from Hesperornis, an aquatic bird from 100 million years ago (a classic design). Most birds have hollow bones for low weight. The loon's bones are solid to facilitate easy diving. These birds have been known to dive to depths of 600 feet in pursuit of a fishy meal. They fly fast and low, despite being heavy. They're large birds, nearly the size of Canada geese.

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Common Loon
L: Gavia immer
UK: Great Northern Diver
D: Eistaucher
F: Plongeon imbrin
NL: IJsduiker

The haunting, eery cry of the loon is featured on many "New Age" Compact Discs, for instance on CD 2660382 in the Sounds of Nature series from Gentle Persuasion. I'm at a loss to tell how these sounds will "soothe mind and body", but they might be a fitting accompaniment to the Crackling Fireplace video you're playing through your VCR. You can replay the cry of the loon by hitting the "Reload" or "Refresh" button of your browser or by clicking the sound button next to the picture.

My father once found a dead loon, its head cut off by a skull collector. When he put his foot on the body, using it like a pair of bellows, it still produced its haunting sound.