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Ovilu Tunnille b. 1949 - Andrew Gordon Bay

"I am a carver. I like the beauty of serpentine, I like carving it. From it (carving) I don't make a great deal (of money), but I am able to support my family by carving.....I remember being south when I was a child. After being there for a long time I returned north. Going back home, I remember seeing the rocks, different shapes of rock that I admire. At that time I didn't know I could carve, but by watching my father, Toonoo, I learned. I loved my father's carvings. From there I began to learn to carve, always noticing the beauty and shapes of the rocks.....At one time, when I was younger, I was shy, almost embarrassed to carve. If a woman was a carver it was a very unusual thing. People would see it as man's work, but today the woman has to be recognized more. Women are homemakers and mothers, but also women are carvers now. I want women to be strong, to try and use their talents."

You can find more of these stunningly beautiful portraits of Inuit elders and artists (and much more) at Jerry Riley's Arcticman site.

It's definitely worth a visit!

Photo and text copyright© 1989-1995., Jerry Riley, Toronto

Used by kind permission.