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Thule definition

Nowadays, Thule is also the name of a settlement in NW Greenland including the town of Qaanaaq and Thule Airbase.

In August and September 1998 a multidisciplinary student expedition from the Dutch University of Nijmegen will be exploring this region. Part of the expedition members will stay in Qaanaaq, while others will travel the ice cap towards the Von Humboldt Glacier.

Through the Internet, you will be able to watch what's happening and communicate with participants. Check out the expedition's Web site for more information. (Unfortunately, there's no English version yet.)

Thule harpoon head

Thule culture harpoon head. Archaeological find
from Devon Island, Canada.
Expedition logo
To get insight into the question how young people of the Thule community, characterized by a marginal and vulnerable character, see their future, how they prepare for it, and how they see their role in a rapidly changing world.

Confrontation, young people meeting young people, young people with a story.

Thule, the most northernly living community on earth. Qaanaak, Von Humboldt Glacier.

Environmental conditions
Inpredictable. During summer, the average temparature near the coast is around the freezing point. On the ice cap, it's below that. However, depressions can abruptly make conditions extreme.