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Icy observations

Jan Frentrop and me  Jan Frentrop (right) and myself, discussing these pages

Every year at midwinter we eagerly awaited Jan Frentrop's greetings of the season. Since 1988 they were accompanied by a self-made picture of a curious ice formation, and a few lines trying to explain its origin. With the help of my dad I have traced most of these cards, if not all. Jan Frentrop died in 2000. I have decided to retain his "icy observations" on this site, in that way helping to keep alive the memory of a very special friend.
Frozen water-meadows The first one does not show a very peculiar ice formation. Yet you will rarely see the water-meadows flooded with their surface frozen.

It's because you first need lots of rain or melting snow in Central Europe to cause a high water-level of the Rhine. So a period of serious thaw must be followed by very hard frost to create this immense icy spectacle.